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May Letter from the Pastor's Desk

“Who Flies The Kite?”


Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5 so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. (Romans 12.4)


During a breezy March day, a town’s Mayor happened through the park where a small boy was flying the largest, most beautiful kite he had ever seen. It soared so high and floated so gently, the Mayor was sure it had to be visible from the next town. Since his little town did not have very many things to note to its credit, the Mayor decided to award a “Key to the City” to the one responsible for setting this spectacle aloft.


"Who is responsible for flying this kite?” the Mayor asked. “I am said the boy. I made the kite with my own hands. I painted all the beautiful pictures and constructed it with scrapes I found in my father’s workshop. I’m responsible for flying the kite,” he declared.


“I am responsible for flying the kite,” said the wind. It is my whims that keeps it aloft and sets a direction it will go. Unless I blow, the kite will not fly at all,” the wind pressed its claim.


“Not so” said the kite’s tail. “I make it said and give it stability against the wind’s whims. Without me, the kite would spin out of control and ever the boy would not be able to save it from crashing to the earth. I am responsible for flying the kite,” declared the tail.


After reading this story to my son Cameron, I asked him this question, Who really is responsible for flying the kite? They all are responsible for flying the kite responded Cameron! Wow Cameron realized the important truth that it took all of them to fly the kite, not just one of them.


Sometimes adults aren’t so smart. In the hurry of a business day, it’s easy to forget that the boss or team leader is just that, the leader of the team. Each member is important in keeping projects moving and meeting desired goals.


Take a moment to consider your co-workers. Ask yourself, “How our progress would be changed if that person didn’t exist?” Next time you pass their work area, tell them you’re “glad to be a part of their team!”


Now think about your church, think about the Pastor, Ministry Leaders, Auxiliary Heads, Ushers, Choir Members, Nursery Workers, Kitchen Staff, Office Staff, Pew Mates, and even the members across the sanctuary, now ask yourself when was the last time you thanked them for being a member of the team? When was the last time you told them, “I’m glad you’re a part of my family, and I am glad that I am a part of your family.” In this Kingdom Building Business it takes all kinds of people, all manners of talents, all areas of gifting, to complete the awesome task that God has blessed us to accomplish.


As God leads us to higher heights and new opportunities, let always remember, Working together Works!!!


Serving the Master,

Pastor Terrell D. Davis

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