New Hope MBC

New Hope MBC

February Letter from the Pastor's Desk

I want to challenge us with a simple statement for 2012: Don't Look Back!

Satchel Paige had this good rule for living. Don't look back, something may be gaining on you. The Bible also calls for not looking back. Looking back hinders forward progress. Looking back may cause you to be depressed. Looking back may cause you defeat. My advice is:

  1. Don't look back at sins that have been forgiven. God really puts our sins away (Psalm 103). Perhaps you believe this for others, but not for yourself.
  2. Don't look back at defeats that get you down. All people have defeats in the past. Only those who never attempt anything are free from failing. Don't allow failing to make you feel that you are a failure.
  3. Don't look back at the past and see it as better than it really was (Ecclesiastes 7:10). Israel looked back to Egypt (Nubmers 11:18). Distance lends enchantment. Vance Hanner said, "The present is never as good as it used to be." A great future beats a great past every time.
  4. Don't look back at old conflicts that make you rehearse old arguments and statements that lead to a return of old hurts and pains.
  5. Don't look back at old victories that may cause you to think you have arrived. (Phillippians 3:13-14).

In conclusion, let me say: "Look Up! Look On! Look Out! Look Ahead! The fields are beautiful and the Best is Yet to Come!

A Spiritual Son of one of the greatest Whosoever's (Dr. G. Calvin McCutchen Sr.)

Serving the Master,

Terrell D. Davis

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